Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury  (TBI) , Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), and Persons with Autism and cognitive disabilities often face community reintegration challenges. The MindKnit Research Center (non-profit) builds national, international research, and community partnerships across: education, workplace, home and community. We share leading US and International collaborations for research, medical treatment, technology, training, and social supports for Vets with TBI and persons with  Autism and cognitive disabilities.  This knowledge advances life goals of Veterans with TBI, PTSD and Persons with Autism and cognitive disabilities across the US, Japan, and the world.

Japan Earthquake Tohoku Area: Disaster Mobile Updates from shelters, medical providers; VA Radiation, Trauma, Medical Guides www.sinsai.info/ushahidi/index.php/mobile





"November 2010, Tokyo, 34th Annual Conference of Higher Brain Dysfunction (Neurological) Society; US-Japan Exchange - Meeting of the Minds" Satellite Session shares: research, clinical and community return outcomes with VA Traumatic Brain Injury/Polytrauma, Japan Society clinicians, MindKnit Research Center (Co-Moderator) with 1,500 researchers, clinicians, therapists;


Senatory Inouye Speech 34th Japan Neurology Society

34th Annual Japan Higher Brain Neurology Society Conference; "US-Japan Exchange on Veterans, Persons with Disabilities from Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD;" Tokyo, Japan

Address by Honorable Senator Daniel K. Inouye, Congressional Medal of Honor Winner; President Pro Tempore of United States Senate

1,500 Neurology Experts collaborate with MindKnit Research Center; US Veterans Health Affairs Polytrauma, Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, and Japan National Rehabilitation Center for Disabilities Experts

( L-R ) Dr. Fukatsu, NRCD, Tokyo; Dr. Scholten, Associate Chief, Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center; Mayer Max, Director, MindKnit Research Center; Dr. Nakajima, Director-General, National Rehabilitation Center for Disabilities NRCD, Tokyo, Japan

Fukatsu Presentation Vets with TBI Return to Work Scholten

Return to Work, Higher Education, Community and Medical Treatment for Vets with TBI

MindKnit Research Center participated in the New York State Traumatic Brain Injury Best Practices Conference." Learn more about the New York State Department of Health TBI Waiver Program.