Dr. Steven Grant, Chief, Clinical Neuroscience, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Drug Addiction (NIH NIDA)

Steven Grant is currently Chief of the Clinical Neuroscience Branch in the Division of Clinical Neuroscience and Behavioral Research of NIDA.  As Branch Chief, he oversees extramural clinical research and research training program focused on understanding the neurobiological substrates of drug abuse and addiction processes, including the etiology of drug use and transition from drug use to addiction. A major focus of this program is on the characterization of how abused drugs affect the structure and function of the human central nervous system. Another major emphasis of this program is on individual differences in neurobiological, genetic, and neurobehavioral factors that underlie increased risk for and/or resilience to drug abuse, addiction, and drug-related disorders.
Before joining the Clinical Neuroscience Branch, Dr. Grant conducted brain imaging research on cocaine craving and decision-making in drug abusers at the NIDA Intramural Program in Baltimore, Md.  Prior to that, he held faculty positions at the University of Delaware, New York University, and Yale School of Medicine.  Dr. Grant received his Ph.D. from University of Georgia in 1979.  Although his degree is in Psychology, his research has covered the breadth of contemporary neuroscience, from salamanders to primates to humans.