MindKnit Research Board of Advisors

Moses Max MindKnit Research Center, International Board of Advisors:

Mayer Max:

Vice President Gore's White House NPR Lead for Disabilities national and international technology partnerships;
Principal Investigator for DARPA Telemedicine for Attention, VR, Surgical Robotic Navigation Research;
NIH Clinical NeuroScience,Expert;
Lecturer for American Psychiatric Association Institutes;
World Health Organization (WHO), Japan National Rehabilitation Center for Disabilities Technical Expert for Disaster Communications
for Persons with Autism, TBI, PTSD, and Cognitive Disabilities;
US Veterans Health Affairs, PsychoSocial Rehabilitation Programs, Expert

Dr. Stephen Robinson, MD:

Professor, Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon, USA

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert Feliz:

UN Liaison for US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Virginia, USA;

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