Moses Max

Non-Profit Research for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Individuals with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities:

The Moses Max MindKnit Research Center is a (Non-Profit) founded to develop research, clinical practice, and community reintegration protocols, and to build local, state, national and international systems - to enable Veterans and Persons with TBI, Individuals with Autism and cognitive disabiltiies - to share their talents and to enjoy full quality of life and full inclusion in civil society. In honor of Moses Max' 100th birthday anniversary, the MindKnit Research Center hosted the "The First Annual US Japan International Symposium for the Return of Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury, Individuals with Autism and Special Needs to: Healthcare, to Home, and to the Workplace." The MindKnit Research Center is now helping to develop a US-based exchange between: Veterans Health Affairs, Universities, Walter Reed Defense Veterans Brain Injury Center(s), and National Volunteer Networks under the White House - to bring Vets with (mild) TBI into University and full lives and careers.  The MindKnit Research Center is also Co-Moderating the "34th Conference of the Japan Higher Order Brain Dysfunction (Neurological Society) in Omiya City, Tokyo, Japan with the Japan National Rehabilitation Center for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (NRCD - Kokoritsu Shintai Shogai-sha Rehabilitation Center).  The MindKnit Research Center has helped facilitate the inclusion of the VA Associate Chief of Staff, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, DC VA Medical Center, and the DoD Director, Defense Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) into the Japan-US Conference and Panels.

Board of Advisors:

Mayer Max, Vice President Gore's White House NPR Lead for Disabilities Technology and national and international partnerships; Principal Investigator for DARPA Telemedicine Research; Lecturer for American Psychiatric Association Institutes, Maryland, USA;

Dr. Stephen Robinson, MD, Professor, Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon, USA;

Lt. Col. (ret.) Robert Feliz, UN Liaison for US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Virginia, USA;

International Conferences, Research and Medical Exchanges:

This First Annual US Japan International Symposium fittingly culiminated with the invitatation of both US and Japanese Symposium attendees to the Japanese Embassy, for a tour and history of the "100 Year Tea House" or Ippakutei. The Ippakutei Tea House was built on the 100th anniversary of the first visit of Japanese emissaries to President James Bucahanan in 1860. The Ippakutei Tea House is the most famous tea house outside of Japan and it stands as an enduring symbol of the strong relationship between the US and Japan.

Moses Max' History:

Moses Max was born on July 13, 1908. He served as a Major in the US Army in China, India and Burma where he was privileged to have an audience with Mahatma Gandhi. Moses Max and his wife Rachel lived in Okinawa, Japan from 1956 to 1975. They were both active in the Men's and Women's Clubs where they funded school uniforms and books for Okinawan school children and were active in raising funds for local hospitals and orphanages. Moses and Rachel also actively supported the growth and development of 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  This includes his grandson, Jared, who is on the Autism Spectrum and his brothers Ryan and Nathan. Moses lived to see Jared emerge as a dedicated young man in college. Jared Max actively helps develop communications technology and speaks on behalf of others with Autism and disabilities for inclusion in society and disaster response across the United States, Japan, and the world. Moses passed just before his 99th birthday, but his spirit of goodwill exchanges for healthcare, for individuals with disabilities such as Autism, towards Veterans and those in need, and towards healing the world lives on.